Sunday, December 2, 2007

What's All This Mambo Jahambo?

I travel, so I can pay my mortgage. The irony is not lost here. As a travel writer, I frequently tempt the god of the gas gauge light in search of incredible destinations. But only a fraction of my experiences ever make it to the printed page.

For example, I recently met a waitress named Brie at a Cracker Barrel outside of Clemmons, NC. She tried to sell me on the macaroni and cheese. And while driving through Joplin, MO, on Route 66, I found myself pondering our rocky economy's affect on the price of mud.

Trips are full of surprises. And they are usually found at the edge of the road. This is a forum for moments such as these. Captured vignettes. Conversations overheard. I assure you, though, that this trail will have spurs. Midnight thoughts. Quick questions.

At the end of the day, it’s always about the story. This is how I roll.


Wade said...

Could you also pay my mortgage, you know, since you're already out there?

art said...

that's how you roll? hmmm... where' did you pick that one up?