Sunday, December 16, 2007

Overheard #4

“Vincent became my mother, John. He was there for me and took care of me when I left New Mexico. But I didn’t need a mother then, John. It took me five years to realize that. What I’m talking about is you calling and leaving me a message last night asking what cruise I was going on, so that you could go on a different one. I never said you were insane, John. I said this is insane. This. What you are doing is insane. I’m sure you’ll always know I love you. I’m not used to getting phone calls like this, John. I’m used to people kissing my ass. I’m used to the people who love me kissing my ass. And I kiss their assess.”

--a man in his 40s in a gray suit pacing in the makeshift business center in the Asheville, NC airport.

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