Sunday, December 2, 2007

This is Where We Begin

The waiting is not the hardest part.

It's the starting.

This blogging concept is daunting.

I feel like I'm one of the last guys on the plane. You know, the one who is huffing, because he ran the length of Concourse B in his slick-bottomed leather loafers--shoes he had meant to sandpaper for a smidge of traction--to catch his flight out of Cincinnati, an airport geographically and curiously located in Kentucky. He's clutching a coffee; its lid splattered with brown drip stains. He's got the wild eyes. His boarding pass is pursed in his lips so his mouth looks like it's about to utter "mummy" or "mountain music." Everyone else is settled. With books flipped open to dogeared pages. Yarn working through knitting fingers. Cursors scrolling spreadsheets on laptop screens.

Yeah, as far as blogs go, I'm that guy. The Blog World (Blogosphere? Blogiverse? Blog Pens 40?) now peers over its bifocals, exhales through its nose, and slips into the aisle, so I can slide into my middle seat.

1 comment:

Akimbo said...

Welcome to the dark side. Looking forward to reading about your travels and travails.