Friday, May 30, 2008

Overheard: Terrapin Creek, Piedmont, AL

"You ain't got a hair on your ass if you don't flip it."

-Terrapin's a slow float. You can rent canoes and kayaks from an outfitter, the Terrapin Outdoor Center, whose #1 rule is "If you wanna float it, you gotta tote it!."

But the truth is that all you need is an inner tube and a ride home when you get off the water.

Last sunny Sunday, slap in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend, we shared the creek with lots of other small boaters. Some were proficient with paddles, like the guy who yelled the above overheard. Some weren't, like the guy he was yelling at who was trying futilely to bale water out of his canoe.


Anonymous said...

This brings to mind one of my favorite verbs of all time: tump. I'm really surprised the guy said "flip it." Sounds like he's talking about an investment property.

Matt said...

I'm still struggling to equate body hair of any kind, let alone in the aforementioned area, with a bout of courage or fearlessness.

Tanner C. Latham said...

You probably drink blueberry moonshine, too. Isn't there a hat trick somewhere you should be excited about?

Matt said...

Guilty on both counts.

Guilty, and unashamed.

Jenny said...

Listen, I've floated this creek since I was a child and am related to the owners of TOC. I'll admit to us having a language all our own. A complete stranger correctly guessed my origin by my use of "deflicted." Apparently, it's rare to use that word and not be from Piedmont. And, just for the record, I've made some kick-ass moonshine. If you don't like it here, stay the fuck out!

Tanner C. Latham said...


To begin, I appreciate you reading my blog.

I've got to say that I'm surprised that you're offended. I've reread what I wrote in this post, and I can't honestly see where I'm making fun of anything.

I grew up in Piedmont,too. Hiked all around Dugger. Parked at Lively's on Friday and Saturday nights. Played basketball at the Y. And washed my freshmeat bacon cheeseburgers from the Dairy King down with peanut butter milkshakes.

I bet that the first time I heard the phrase "you ain't got a hair on your ass," I was swinging on the monkey bars by the big oak tree at Southside. Back when it was still an elementary school.

I probably laughed my 6-year-old head off then, and I still think the phrase is funny now.

And that's the purpose of this blog: To share the amusing and interesting things I see and hear out there on the road.