Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Overheard: I Could Overhear Her All Day

"I'm gonna drop him like a sack of potatoes down a hillside. He is like a grandpa. I may not have any money, but I have my pride."

-Disgruntled employee of the half Sam Adams, half Nathan's hotdogs stand near Gate C37 in the Tampa airport. This is a groundbreaking, slightly controversial Overheard in that I'm including a picture of the speaker. To preserve some ethical integrity, I won't reveal which woman I heard. But she has a small audience, and in the span of 7 minutes, she also dropped these gems.

"We know you love food more than your girlfriend, don't you. You can live without a girlfriend, but you can't live without food."

"I eat 24 hours a day, and I am still hungry. I am still this size. I have been this size forever.

"I may work out in other ways, but I don't go to the gym." (She gets a 'That's right' and 'mmm hmm' from the small congregation.) "I still sweat and burn calories--mostly at night--but you won't find me on no treadmill."


Mary Margaret said...

this made me laugh....hard!

David F. said...

That was an awesome post. I laughed out loud!

stephinbham said...

laughing out loud! and, I almost peed my pants, which is slightly embarrassing because I'm at work.

Tanner C. Latham said...

Yeah, this girl tripped me out. Behind the wall where they're standing is a little sitting area, and I was there pretty much transcribing straight into the blog. Sometimes layovers are lucky.

Jim said...

I laughed out loud, peed in my pants (at work) and then lost a shoe. All before nine in the morning, which made the rest of my day very uncomfortable. Thanks!

mully said...

It was funny Jim, but it wasn't that funny.